Thursday, May 16, 2013

Your team does not have to like you but they do need to trust and respect you...

I really like the way Ken Blanchard of the one minute manager makes things simple and this post of his on fastcompany is no different.

Ken and Scott talk in their article about the impact of trust on being able to implement change - something project managers are all so familiar with. It's a push for a new co-authored book (of course) Trust Works! Four Keys to Building Lasting Relationships, but useful none the less.

We've long known for healthy working relationships it is important to foster respect, trust and reliability and these are underpinned by ability to communicate directly, actively listen and to honour commitments. This fits in nicely with the 4 attributes the main author, Cynthia Olmstead, states:

  • Able--Demonstrate Competence
  • Believable--Act with Integrity
  • Connected--Care about Others
  • Dependable--Maintain Reliability

As a coach I now challenge you to take this A-B-C-D and rate yourself today - how are you doing? 

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